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Cummins Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Dewas

Aluminium - 2 MT, MS / CI - 25 MT, Cardboard & Garbage - 100 MT, Nickel Wheel - 0.5 MT, Wooden Scrap - 65 MT, Used Oil - 10 Barrels, Machines & Equipments, e-Waste, Various Unused Tools & Consumables etc.





Cummins Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Pithampur

Aluminium - 7.5 MT, MS / CI - 42.5 MT, Cardboard Garbage - 100 MT, Nickel Wheel - 1 MT, Used Oil - 10 Barrels, Unused Oil - 4 Barrels, Empty Barrels - 40 Nos; Wooden Scrap - 50 MT, e-Waste etc.





Bharat Bijlee Ltd. Thane- Belapur Road, Kalwe, Thane

Bucher Hydraulics GMBH, Germany Make Hydraulics Internal Gear Pumps - 35 Nos






Bosch Limited, Adugodi, Bangalore

HMT Lathe M/c , Shaper M/c, Cylindrical Grinder M/c, Up Right Drilling M/c, Scrap Armatures, Used TOYOTA ALTIS.





Kirloskar Brothers Limited, Kirloskarvadi, Dist. Sangli

Arising Period Dec. 2015 to March 2016

C.I. Boring - 200 MT, M.S. Turning - 50 MT, MS / CI Scrap - 150 MT, Stainless Steel Scrap - 164 MT, Welding Scrap - 40 MT, Gun Metal / Aluminium Khangar - 37 MT, Empty Barrels, Plastic Cans, 1200 Ltr Cap. Empty Plastic Container - 100 Nos. Waste Oil - 10 Barrels, Electric Motors, Compressors, Gear Box, Wooden - 100 MT, Transformers, Blowers, Sand Dryer, 3 Ton Cap. Furnace Coil, Generator Alternator, Dust Collector etc.




Forthcoming e-Auctions

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Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, 
Highway Gate, Akurli Road, Kandivali (E) Mumbai

Kandivali AD / TD - HMT RM-51 Radial Drilling Machine, Vertical Milling Machine, Hydraulic Press, Various Welding Machines, Moulding Boxes, Vertical Machining Centre, BFW HMC, BFW Duplex Milling Machine, Lathe Machine, CNC Machine, Shot Blasting Machine etc.

Rudrapur FD - Acoustic Item, Vacuum Pump, Refrigerator, Fuel Was Wet Scrubbing System, Radial Drilling Machine, Forklift, Stacker, Pallet Trucks etc.

Jaipur FD - 25 KVA DG Set, Godrej Forklift, Jost Forklift Truck, Paint Booth System, Riveter Gun, Wrench, Pumps etc.

Igatpuri AD - Brushing & Deburring Machine, SPM Milling Machine, Centrifugal Machine, Vertical Automotive Stoarge & Retrieval System, Air Balancers, Hydraulic Dynometers, Sealant Despencing Machine, Hydraulic Press etc.

Nashik AD - 10 Ton Double Girder EOT Crane, Door Air Balancer System, Hardness Tester, Herbert Drilling & Boring Machine, Various Assorted Welding Machines, Air Balancers, Nut Runners, Pumps, Meters, Electrical & Electronic Items etc.

Kanhe SBU - Gantry Overhead Crane, Air Ventilators, Automotic Stapping Machines, Scissor Lift, Pallets etc.

Zaheerabad AD - Diesel dispensing Unit etc.



09/12/2015 & 10/12/2015


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR HAZARDOUS WASTE:- Parties must have Registration with MoEF Govt. of India, CPCB & SPCB/ MPCB/ PCC. Bidders are required to submit Xerox copies of their valid licence/ passbook alongwith registration form. All the details on their licence/ passbook will be verified thoroughly and only after verification Login ID & password will be issued to those bidders whose licence/ passbook are in the line.

AUTO EXTENSION: If any bid registered in the last 3 Minutes that Particular Lots Only will be extended. This extension of 3 minutes will be given till the bid is getting registered. If no bid registered in the last 3 minutes lot will be automatically closed.

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